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Since we began the company in 2002, we've been building Rich Internet Applications (RIA) with Adobe ColdFusion. I guess you could say we are really Into RIA.

We've never met a team with more breadth of ColdFusion development experience than us. Our CF development team has an average ColdFusion experience of 15 years, most of us using it full-time. We usually help clients out with ColdFusion in one of three ways.

Complex Custom Applications

Picture a large team in multiple locations who all need access to the same internal, custom tools. We build that. Let's make it more complex: picture some in the office on desktop computers and some in the field using a custom app made just for them syncing data over a cellular connection on an iPad. No problem. Let's take it up a notch. Picture the field guys on different types of devices with different levels of access. Low seniority staff entering data, passing it to leads with more access who approve things, whisking data off to head office, encrypted, fast, and secure. We do that too. More? Why not? Then, add clients to the mix who pay you to login to a secure, branded back end to see information gathered from all levels of your company, filtered down to information for just them. We've been doing this for years (Does this sound interesting? See our case study to the right).

ColdFusion Case Study

Meridian Manufacutring is an international manufacutring company building industry-leading products for the agriculture, industrial, and energy sectors.

Since 2007, Intoria has partnered with Meridian to offer a large, ever-improving ColdFusion suite of tools to its vast dealer network.

Case Study coming soon...

ColdFusion Testimonial

Vicki Ballance

CAPP hired Intoria to develop a web-based municipla reporting tool that will enable a centralized and easy-to-use system to properly house, display, and compare municipal data (property tax, etc.). This project was extremely complex as it required pulling disparate and non-uniform data points into reports that will provide the analytics requisite for understanding the cost of doing business in various municipalities. Intoria was able to achieve this objective through technological expertise, simplicity, and adaptability.

Vicki Ballance
Manager, Regulatory Affairs
Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

Supporting Legacy ColdFusion Systems

Do you have existing ColdFusion application developed a long time ago that you need to bring up to date? Need to upgrade to the latest CF version from any previous version? ColdFusion works so well that often companies get something developed that actually works quite fine for over a decade. We have many companies that come to us over ten years after a CF application has been developed and ask us to help them add new functionality or upgrade their code to the latest in speed and security.

As an additional expert on your existing CF team

Is your ColdFusion development team under the gun for deadlines you are struggling to meet? We pinch hit as ColdFusion contractors on external teams in both small and ongoing capacities. This process starts with a free consultation of your current project and method of assigning work and usually transitions into a CF developer from our team picking up tickets towards a weekly budget to alleviate some of the time pressure you may be feeling from your clients. Our team has experience with open source counterparts (like Lucee) and most ColdFusion frameworks (our favourite is CFWheels).

David Belanger

Team Spotlight: David Belanger

Internet Architect, ColdFusion expert

David's more than 20 years of programming experience is what makes him an ideal fit as an Internet Architect. David's language of choice? Always has been: ColdFusion. He's been using it since version 4.5.

David's love for all things CF has led him to become a core team member of the popular, open-source framework, CFWheels and a sought after ColdFusion speaker.

Skills: ColdFusion French Spanish Remote working Problem Solving